Head over to and click on new site from git:

New site from git

It will ask you to choose a provider and choose the one you are using. After that it will ask you for what repo it is and after you selected it just select these options on the next screen:

Deploy Static

The public folder may be a different one depending on the dist folder you selected


To use Now, first create a file called now.json and put the following options in it:

  "version": 2,
  "builds": [
      "src": "package.json",
      "use": "@now/static-build",
      "config": { "distDir": "public" }

The distDir folder may be a different one depending on the dist folder you selected

For Now to build fiddly when deploying, to ensure a fresh build for each deployment, add the following script to your package.json scripts list to let Now know to use fiddly to build your readme as the index.

  "now-build": "fiddly"

For more info you can check the Now docs


To deploy with Surge you need a account and then to install the surge cli or like me run with npx. It will ask you to login and after that it wants to know the project path. In here you put the dist folder. After that pick and domain and done 🎉


Github Pages

For Github pages there is a command:

fiddly deploy

This command will build your project if no version exists and deploy it to gh-pages branch on github. It uses gh-pages under the hood so any options you pass there you can also pass in your deployment option in .fiddly.config.json. ✨

Gitlab Pages

To deploy to Gitlab Pages add a new job with the title pages in your .gitlab-ci.yml configuration file. Gitlab Pages hosts your static files at https://<group-or-user-name><project-name>. You can use the PATH_PREFIX environment variable to configure your fiddly build. 🎉

  image: node
    - PATH_PREFIX="/$CI_PROJECT_NAME" npx fiddly
      - public
    - master